BoineVerse Gaming Platform

BoineVerse is a genesis Fi+ metaverse gaming platform under Web 3.0 with on-chain games and sports prediction system. BovineVerse, published by Singularity Studio, is a genesis Fi+ metaverse platform under Web3.0. BovineVerse plans to release multiple on-chain game and sports prediction systems, and also reserves API interfaces for the third party. The DAO spirit of this community provides high flexibility in autonomy. Players can have various NFTs, participate in social, adventure and online sports predictions etc to maximize winnings from the game.

The Vision of the BoinVerse Gaming Platform

BoinVerse wants to develop a multifaceted worldview thanks to advanced blockchain technology. In this decentralized economy, game and social system, each player will have cattle (bovine animals) to socialize, adventure and create. Players can fully enjoy the low-latency games in this amazing universe anytime and anywhere. BovineVerse will continue to upgrade and improve in-game facilities, bringing more creative and interesting games to cattle.

boineverse 1

At the same time, a complete system of socialization has been built in the BOVINEVERSE, in which waves of guilds develop in three parallel game worlds. In this vast BOVINEVERSE, every citizen of Bovine can set up their social networks and disseminate their content to the public. Through the tokenization of social influence, all social relationships will benefit the players, which will help to earn money.

BoineVerse Ecosystem

Let’s take a look at the planet Homeland in the BOVINEVERSE:

Homeland: Homeland, it is the most basic among the three types of planets.  What makes Homeland unique is its high carrying capacity for up to 10,000 inhabitants and ultimate control over unlimited Unionlands. Each Homeland includes the following:

  1. Establishment: Homelands adopts a preliminary launch mechanism for game guilds and communities. 
  2. Tax: The president of Homeland has the Deciency to set the tax rate (between 10% and 20%) and collect taxes from residents when trading in the BOVINEVERSE. In addition, Unionlands must pay taxes to Homeland, to which they are affiliated. 
  3. Accommodation: The carrying capacity of a Homeland is 10,000 players. If a player wants to build a Unionland, he must submit an application to the president of Homeland and pay a fee.

If a player wants to build a Unionland, he must submit an application to the president of Homeland and pay a fee.

BVT Token

BovineVerse Token ($BVT), Token Symbol: BVT, Total Supply:

BVT is a cryptocurrency published by BovineVerse, which can be obtained through gaming and airdrop events. Players can use BVT to buy game items, breed, level up, etc. The more BVTs you have, the more voting rights you have in the management of the DAO in the BOVINEVERSE.

Bovine Hero

bovine hero
Bovine Hero

Compared to normal cattle, Bovine Hero NFTs have higher statistics. Details are as follows: 

High rarity: Each Bovine Hero is identified by a unique ID and avatar deployed on the ERC-721 and can be freely exchanged on NFT marketplaces. The total supply of Bovine Hero is 10,000, and the initial supply is only 514; 

Utility: Bovine Heroes have higher qualities and eternal life, with no limit on their reproductive entry. As premium cattle, they are very useful in the BOVINEVERSE, outperforming in farming, fighting and trading.

Cross-game characters: Bovine heroes are allowed to freely travel to other parallel worlds of the BOVINEVERSE in the future in order to achieve immortality. Players can also trade them on the NFT MARKET to get a good reward.


BoineVerse has achieved a total investment of $1,940,000 in the Private Round.

boineverse private round
BoineVerse Private Round


BovineVerse, published by Singularity Studio, is a new Fi+ metaverse platform in the Web 3.0 era. Between multiple parallel worlds in BovineVerse, 3 creative and interesting games will be broadcast on the chain in a row, and DAO management will be applied to the virtual social network, it will also be possible to switch between games. At the same time, players can have their cattle (bovine animals) to socialize, go on adventures and create, build a diverse and colorful world together. Moreover, they are encouraged to establish their guilds here. Play to Win – Play to Earn!



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