Blockify DeFi Aggregates Your Journey into a Single XP

Decentralized finance refers to financial services. But unlike regular financial services, these are on public blockchains. They support everything that an ordinary bank can do, without the need for documents or intermediaries. DeFi is global, peer-to-peer and completely transparent, and Blockify allows you to manage your entire DeFi portfolio. The lack of verifiable information has left a huge gap in the adoption of crypto, Blockify has created an environment where projects can interact and disseminate information directly to their communities in a verifiable method. Blockify allows you to execute all your DeFi transactions from a single source.

Blockify and DeFi

DeFi is growing rapidly, and for a good reason: it’s a quick and easy way to move your assets. Blockify makes this process even easier. It allows you to explore everything from DeFi tokens to NFTs in one place. It even includes, among other things, the current and historical data of these entities. Other features of Blockify include:

  • Track and manage your portfolio across protocols and Ethereum sidechains
  • Check your net worth through multiple wallets
  • See the metrics in your wallets
  • View trending assets
  • Track your portfolio from any device
  • Blockify also puts privacy first and gives you the ability to manage your portfolio without giving away any private keys that will allow others to access your funds.

Blockify is built using blockchain technology and allows them to take advantage of the decentralized nature that blockchain ecosystems have. Blockify allows anyone to create their own page without permission and follow their favorite projects. Users can interact with other users along with projects. Project owners/creators can manage and manage their respective pages effortlessly. Compared to centralized platforms, it is completely censorship-resistant, so projects and users can choose how to manage their own pages.

Why Blockify is Preferable?

Since 2021, Blockify has been developing an interface that unlocks the world of Web3 and DeFi for everyone, regardless of crypto knowledge or experience. Key features include Web3 social interaction, an intuitive interface for users to track and manage their portfolios. 

Blockify will launch a Web3 advertising platform (Block Ads) in Q2 2023 that connects brands and consumers through crypto rewards. Blockify will allow advertisers to offer crypto rewards to consumers for their data and interactions. Block Ads will allow advertisers to request permission, motivate action and increase ROI, while allowing users to own their data and share the value it creates.


Blockify saw an opportunity to create a user-friendly interface for the rapidly expanding ecosystem of Web3 blockchain-based products and services. The total value of decentralized finance currently locked up is over $40 billion and covers everything from major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum to other programmable forms of money, crypto loans, social tokens and NFTs.

Unlike popular crypto exchanges and trading applications, Blockify does not track user data or store the funds of its users. Blockify is 100% unattended, this agile approach sets the stage for tremendous growth and adoption.

Features Available to Users

We know that most users have little choice in how to access crypto, which is why centralized exchanges have survived for so long. But what if I told you that things have changed drastically? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could complete every step of your DeFi journey in one place? 

Blockify integrates every major DeFi protocol and liquidity provider, which means that your favorite portfolio tracker has become the easiest and cheapest place to invest in DeFi. 

Combining the DeFi journey into a single experience: Blockify

Whether you are a former user of DeFi, come from centralized crypto exchanges or come directly from traditional finance, Blockify is the only place to support all these actions below:

  • Exploring new assets 
  • Single-transaction investments 
  • Accurate portfolio tracking 
  • Exploring new assets 

Coin Gecko +Coin Market Cap + Uniswap + Portfolio = Blockify

Keeping up with the market has never been easier, Blockify has created the Explore and Market pages. Here you can filter assets by type, sort by performance, search for tags and go deeper by clicking on individual tokens.

Blockify allows you to buy and sell DeFi tokens in a single transaction. Blockify supports trading for thousands of tokens, including Uniswap, Balancer and Curve pools. The execution engine provides a liquidity channel to each decentralized exchange (DEX), DEX aggregator and Automated Market Maker (AMM), choosing the best path for transactions.

blockify before now
Blockify Before and Now

Blockify will also enable users without technical knowledge to acquire, monitor and manage assets in many leading DeFi protocols. Blockify is building an integrated experience that overcomes the fragmentation, complexity and lack of trust in decentralized financial products that have hindered the adoption of DeFi to date. The lack of verifiable information has created a roadblock in crypto adoption, Blockify has created an environment where projects can interact and disseminate information directly to their communities through blockchain technology in a verifiable method.

Finally, let’s note that with Blockify it is possible to track accurate portfolio tracking and track your entire portfolio in one place:

  • See your previous transactions directly on the asset pages.
  • Push notifications will always tell you exactly what is happening in your portfolio.
  • Blockify designed its history page to be as accessible as possible, with a search bar to filter by token and transaction type; “send”, “deposit”, “receive”.

So far, centralized exchanges have been the most convenient option for people to interact with crypto — but this is changing rapidly. Blockify is creating the most user-friendly DeFi aggregator that unifies the Sunday rather than competing with the market.


Blockify Inc, an emerging blockchain technology company, has completed a $2.2 million seed round.


In summary, Blockify is a project that allows anyone anywhere in the world to access a range of new products and services built on the backbone of DeFi and Web3. Combining a simple, user-centric design with a powerful stack of technologies that collect data and information from the web3 verification portal, Blockify offers users a single entry point to manage their digital assets and interact with Web3. Blockify was founded in 2021 with the mission of empowering more people around the world with efficient, permission-free and transparent services.


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