Blockchain Pay Platform Ansible Labs Raises $7 Million in Seed Funding Round

Ansible Labs
Ansible Labs

Ansible Labs, a startup, is building a pay platform for Blockchain accounts. Ansible Labs has raised $7 million in a seed funding round led by crypto venture capital firm Archetype.

This collected fund will go to recruitment, liquidity and operating expenses before the launch of the first product of the project.

“We see the ramp-up of Ansible Labs as the missing piece of the puzzle that is mainstream adoption and usage,” said Daniel Mottice, co-founder and CEO of Ansible Labs.

Matt Vanhouten, Ansible’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, also worked at Visa Direct and has a background in traditional finance, having held positions at Wells Fargo and JPMorgan & Chase.

This indicates that the Ansible team is affiliated with Visa, a global payment provider.

Other participants in the funding round;

  • Castle Island Ventures,
  • A* Partners,
  • Arca,
  • Soma Capital,
  • Plural VC
  • Eniac Ventures took part.

Creating a payment platform for everyone,

Ansible will simplify and accelerate the movement of money between blockchain and bank accounts around the world.

Ansible Labs is a fast and easy withdrawal platform from crypto wallets to bank accounts worldwide.

Why Ansible Laboratories?

Bidirectional Pay Stack

Ansible, web eb3 block chain accounts to be paid bidirectional providing the first of its kind is an example.

Compatible and Secure

He believes in trust in an “untrustworthy” world through user-enabled identity services and bank-level AML capabilities.

Web2.5 User Experience

Ansible has the tools to make money movement for web3 as easy as withdrawing money from your favorite digital wallet.

Digital pay expertise from Visa, Google, JP Morgan, World Remit, Monex and Wells Fargo.

Ansible Beam, you can move money instantly between web3 and web2.

It draws inspiration from this idea and its groundbreaking author, first proposed by legendary  Science Fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin in 1966.

Ansible Beam will be the closest possible thing to a pay Decalciferable between web3 and the traditional economy.

Ansible Labs is building a platform and a company both because of the ability to move digital payouts almost instantly and because of the overarching values system that guides building a diverse team to take on the complex challenges of web3.

Instant Payments

Ansible only works with the fastest pay methods available.

Web3 Local

Direct access to web3 protocols to close the ramp price

Safe and Compliant

Designed from day 1 to meet Travel Rule and compliance requirements.

Easy and Familiar

Simple UX for fast exit ramp over web2 pay networks

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