Blockchain Economy Dubai: Huge Blockchain Summit Coming This October!

Previously, this summit happened in Istanbul on 27-28 July 2022. KuCoin,, Bitget, BitMex,, OKX, and Uphold are just some of the sponsors of this enormous blockchain event. Turkish pop-star Emre Aydın, Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov, famous Turkish star Engin Altan Düzyatan, famous entrepreneur and investor Carl Runefelt, aka the Moon, Davinci Jeremie and more more…

There were 3,000 participants from 82 different countries who came to this event and built necessary networks. In Dubai, there are brands who have participated in Istanbul either, but in Dubai, there will be more related and globally strived speakers. They are also making a robot give a speech to that audience 😀 It is a new thing in blockchain for sure.

They say about the speaker robot, “We have a great surprise for you. Titan, the semi-finalist on “Britain’s Got a Talent 2022”, will come alive and you won’t be able to take a breath from the spectacular show to this incredible 8ft robot.”

Quoting Reuters, “The Most Global Blockchain Event Ever.” In different areas in BC, like NFT, Metaverse, there was pretty big events like NFT.NYC, but for the general subject, blockchain, I must agree that there will be so many great innovations announced.

If we look at the sponsors of Istanbul, there are mostly DeFi organizations, VCs who have taken positions. Dubai, It will go differently. Gari and Chingari, which is a sub brand of Gari, took positions as title sponsors. Chingari is a social media app in Web3, pretty much like TikTok, with play2earn or use2earn features. This conference can be very efficient for them if they build strong partnerships and enlarge their community. Because Web3 Social media apps do not take much attention. By this conference, they can achieve more audience and grow further.

I should add that in many perceptions, Dubai is the place for the biggest blockchain companies now. Big crypto exchanges like FTX, last valued at $32 Billion, are setting up offices in Dubai. It is more than a perception IMO.

Furthermore, I must mention the sponsors and speaker that I will give attention and say ‘what’s your deal’ :d

Sumit Ghosh, Founder and CEO of Chingari, is the title sponsor’s speaker in the event. I would say as a social platform, by being title sponsor to this event, they will take the place of being the best web3 social platform in the world. They are an Indonesia based company and published their apps in Q1 2022. By joining this event, I think they have proven that they will finish their current roadmap with solid steps and have no timidity while growing their app. Check the website of Gari here & Chingari here.

Vas Modinos, Solution Lead at Microsoft and Founder of BlockReady. Second interesting and shiny person is Mr. Modinos. Working for Microsoft for 17 years and now coming up with the blockchain’s StackOverflow :d Their vision is, as you can see at the first look, Teaching blockchain freely, with answering 550+ FAQ at this time. But in the future, we will need that kind of website. It would be good to see what they are planning next.

There are interesting sponsors like FitBurn in this event, but I would like to focus on the stuff which are more generally concerned by the community. Uniqan Capital for example, is a VC that aims to bring smart money to the traditional business. You can check the website here.

Adchain is one of the important sponsors of the event because of the services they give. They are basically creating a better Web3 Experience for brands, giving the services related to that goal. You can check the website here.

You can check all the sponsors of the event from here. There are more which can interest you.

For me, there are great innovative people that you can meet, brands that you will make some partnerships with. I must agree that it is the biggest blockchain summit, at least in 2022 :d In the future, blockchain will be in the title of most big events of the world..


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