Banxa x Bitkeep Partnership Agreement

The main reason for the Bitkeep and Banxa partnership, Banxa’s Fiat-to-Crypto solution promises to offer the most payment methods of any marketplace provider with zero fraud chargebacks.

Banxa’s Fiat-Crypto solution allows BitKeep customers to quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrencies using a range of global and local payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. BitKeep’s crypto wallet provides secure storage of over 10,000 DApps as well as over 220,000 cryptocurrencies they support. BitKeep’s customers can use their wallets in more than 168 countries and regions. After the announcement of Banxa’s partnership with Bitkeep, the Bitkeep market saw transactions exceeding $ 50 billion.

BitKeep is striving to reposition itself to gain new customers and increase overall trading volume when the market is just around the corner. By integrating Banxa’s Fiat-to-Crypto solution solution, customers will achieve higher conversions (conversions) within BitKeep and enjoy a smooth, enjoyable journey towards the Web3 world.

What Does Banxa Offer?

NFT Checkout Addresses the Challenges of Selling NFT

  • There Are Almost All Pay Methods Available
  • Zero Fraud Chargeback
  • No KYC: No ID required for NFT purchases up to 8,000 USD
  • Regulatory compliance

“As the largest Web3.0 multi-chain wallet in Asia, BitKeep is committed to providing users with safe and convenient services and smooth user experience. Cooperating with Banxa to provide Fiat-to-Crypto service to our users is an important milestone for our mission. We are confident that, with the support from Banxa, more users will enter the Web3.0 world through BitKeep with ease. — Team Bitkeep

About Banxa

Banxa’s Fiat-to-Crypto solution offers the highest payment method any marketplace provider can provide, with zero fraud chargebacks and full regulatory compliance handling on behalf of their customers.

About BitKeep

Combining multiple major DEXs and bridges and supporting 220,000 tokens, BitKeep Swap offers the most powerful Swap feature. Using InstantGas, token trading can be done without paying any local tokens as a gas fee and instant results can be obtained.


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