Atomic x Aise Partnership

Atomic, a leading provider of payroll connectivity in its sector, has announced its partnership with Aise, a B2B2C fintech financial wellness solution that works with employers who have a vision to offer their employees a way to improve their individual economies and live a better financial life.

“Atomic is delighted to announce its partnership with Aise. Which provides employers with the opportunity to offer automated financial wellness as a benefit to employees.” The Atomic Team

Aise Review

As an employee-oriented company, Aise’s strategy focuses on providing financial clarity to users. Aise pays employees’ bills and financial obligations automatically and directly from the payroll. Thus, it allows employees to see their real discretionary income on payday, as all recurring payments are deducted from their salary. Thanks to Aise’s automated system, employees get a complete picture of their financial situation, helping them pay off debts, save for the future and, in general, lead a healthier financial life.

In the process, Aise’s services expand the scope of financial services and the opportunities they are entitled to access, allowing employees to stay one step ahead of financial obligations and protect their financial health and integrity. Since Aise’s solution is offered as a benefit through employers, employees do not pay for the use of the service. Aise’s work with Atomic seems to be a very important step in supporting both employees and employers across the country.

Managers’ Quotes

“What sold us on Atomic was their ability to strategize and pivot along with us when the path forward wasn’t immediately apparent. It wasn’t so much about closing the deal, but closing the right deal.” Patrick Tully, CEO of Aise

Atomic (the first company to market a direct deposit solution called Deposit), the payroll connection API package provider, was even more eager to partner with Aise given the companies’ shared mission: to improve the financial lives of its users. In particular, Aise’s motto of improving physical health through financial certainty supports the belief that healthy finances lead to a natural path to healthy living.

“Partnering with the incredible team at Aise is one more way we are strengthening our mission to better serve marginalized and underserved consumers. We’re confident that by joining forces, Aise and Atomic can make an enormous difference in our financial ecosystem and offer powerful tools to better the outcomes for and futures of these populations.” Jordan Wright, CEO and co-founder of Atomic.

Vision and Mission

Aise has signed on specifically to take advantage of two popular solutions from Atomic: Paylink and Verify. Atomic’s Paylink solution will enable Aise to achieve its goal of paying employee bills by leveraging Paylink capabilities. Atomic will withdraw money from users’ salaries to enable Aise to pay bills on behalf of its users. With Atomic’s Verify API, Aise will pull income information into its app, monitor accounts and fill out a virtual payslip for each employee, all with employee permission.

The innovations made by the two companies, working in line with a common vision and mission, began to serve the financial interests of consumers in the best possible way. The outlook for consumers looks brighter and more promising today than ever before.

About Aise

Aise is a financial health worker outreach company focused on automating employee bill payments through payrolls.

About Atomic

Atomic is the market leading provider of payroll connectivity. It is trusted by over 125 financial institutions, fintech firms and business partners, including the 12 largest fintech applications. Atomic provides its users with a digital-first neobank, alternative lending, crypto exchanges and digital brokerage firms. Atomic’s payroll integrations provide the infrastructure to connect consumers to their financial data. Automate the installation and updating of direct deposits, digitize income and employment verifications. Pay off their financial obligations from their paychecks, get access to salaries earned but not paid, and enjoy tax return benefits.


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