AfterLand: Just Another Blockchain Game

I constantly see that kinds of games. The games on blockchain in the vision of, “Games in the blockchain environment does not focus on gameplay, they are just about p2e.” Yes. They are. And what would make you different? Bad graphics, no unique story, no innovation in the game. How can every game project can put their fists on the table and say we are different? You are not. Accept it pls.

Even two apples that came from the same tree are different. But they are still apples! A childish metaphor I know, but in a proper place. Now, let’s look at them a little bit, won’t take so long for obvious reasons.

They are a Double A game developed in France. They say the game will be developed in crosschain on the blockchain wax and immutable x. It is not ready yet. Most of the detailed part in their White Paper, You can check by clicking there, is in the investment and profitability part. There is a good explanation about how can you earn money from the game. In the vision part, they say they are focused on the gameplay part.

About the tokenomics, I am putting it here and leave the comments to you.

There is an in-game video that you can see by clicking there. Sometimes there are not so many things to say. They are putting the feature of ‘Build Your Lobby’ in the main page. The game will be available for playing in Q2-2023.

Their Core Team is as follows;

CEO – Kevin Nicas

Marketing Manager – Thomas Rubio

CTO – Eric Escher

Développer Unity – Arnaud Mellin

Developper Unity – Nicolas Perot

Developpeur Blockchain – Florian Webb

Graphist 3D – Adrien Feriolo

Graphist 3D – Aurianne Fischer

Graphist 2D – Adrien Chan

In the end, there are too many games like that. You can earn some money, play it if it is matching your desires, but I am sure it will just satisfy you for a little time range. So I say, be innovative pls.


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