$77.3 Million Fund Raised for Celo

With $77.3 million in funding, Celo is a mobile-first blockchain that makes DeFi tools and services available to all people with mobile phones. In order to encourage the adoption of Web3 by people all over the world for different uses, Celo has made a name for itself with a large investment recently. 

Who Is Celo For?

Loam, Impact Market, Circular Impact, Hyperlane, RedStone, Jia, and Tatum are just a few of the mission-oriented companies that make up Celo’s growing ecosystem.

According to Rene Reinsberg, co-founder of Celo and president of the foundation, great entrepreneurs can make progress in any sector. So much so that this investment that Celo has received proves the widespread adoption of Web3 by investors and how it promotes real use cases for real people.

The Relationship Between ReFi Projects and Celo

According to Birju Shah, CEO of Loam company in the Celo ecosystem, Celo is an ideal place for a ReFi project. Because Loam’s community of farmers in the USA, Brazil, Europe, India and Africa cares deeply about helping people and the planet and creating conditions of well-being for all. In this direction, Celo’s ecosystem is dedicated to building a regenerative world.

About Celo

The Celo Foundation funded the development of the decentralized, open-source, mobile-first Celo platform with the aim of contributing to the development of a carbon-negative financial system that promotes prosperity for all. The Foundation supports programs that advance and support an inclusive financial system, such as education, technology research, environmental health, community engagement, and ecological outreach. The Celo platform also has this vision of the foundation.




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