21.co raises $25 million: new bridges in the crypto world

“Making crypto more accessible.” We are hearing this phrase a lot nowadays. 21.co, parent of 21Shares and Amun, targeting a value of $2billion. I like companies trying to make crypto world connected. Although I want to hear more from these companies. Simple roadmaps and simple visions should not be enough now. 

They say they are building bridges into the crypto world. They are doing it with Amun and 21Shares I suppose. If we look at these firms, we see another DeFi organization when we look at Amon which says that they give you the opportunity to manage your portfolio easier with tools that allow you to manage it across major DeFi platforms. 21Shares on the other side, built for making crypto investments easier. What a surprise.

If you ask me, I would say enough for these brands which are trying to magnetize the investors with that kind of projects. Of course they can be helpful, but as the common falk, it does not benefit me at all. DeFi organizations are not countable these days. That is one of them, not much.

I know I am looking from the dark side. Doesn’t it have benefits? Of course. For the investors, you can manage your portfolio from there and make your experience in the investing chain wider. Also 21Shares has private funds which I think you can make a good profit. So from the big picture, 21.co is a good organization to be a part of. Although, Is it something new? No. That is why I do not like it.

Besides all the things I said, do not think badly about that company. I am a pessimist most of the times :d 21.co has partnerships with pretty big brands. Like solana etc. Has a great team and is continuing recruiting.

Team goes like;

Hany Rashwan

CEO & Co-Founder, Member of the Board

Cathie Wood

Member of the Board

Ophelia Snyder

President & Co-Founder, Member of the Board

Lucy Reynolds

Chief Operating Officer

In the end, I would say it can be a good opportunity for you if you are an investor. But the ones who wants to follow projects etc. They did not even updated the roadmap in their website :d You can see the image. 

If you wish to look up to the project this is their website. And I hardly recommend to look it up. Because that is not an objective article :d I say, we do not need that stuff. 

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